Historical places in Pakistan:

Certainly, Lahore! the cultural heart of Pakistan, is a city steeped in history and adorned with magnificent architectural gems. Let’s explore some fascinating places around the world. These sites (SUTOON Construction Company) offer a glimpse into our shared past and are worth adding to your travel bucket list: and also furthermore, many buildings make Pakistan stand out from other countries.


This city Lahore has one of the highest numbers of historical buildings. One of the most famous places in Lahore is known as MINAR-E-Pakistan. It comes to a fusion of both Mughal and modern architectural work. this place tells the story of the country’s independence. At that time the place was known as MINTO Park. This is the place where the freedom of Muslims was declared. A monument was built at this place which we now know as MINAR-E-Pakistan. The base of it tower is made of various like TAXILA stone, Chinese stone and white marble. The words of founder QUAID-E-AZAM are engraved on the white marble placed on top of the tower.

ROHTAS fort:

A pertinent example of military architecture from Pakistan has to be the ROHTAS fort. It was started by Sher Shah Suri to protect against aggressive incidents. But Sher Shah Suri died. And this fort went into the background. Then the Mughal emperor shifted his border to the city. Now this fort is known among the historical places. Where tourists often come.

Lahore Fort (SHAHI QILA):

The Lahore fort also known as SHAHI QILA, this great fort is a testament to the glory of the Mughal era. This fort was built during the reign of Emperor Akbar. Inside this fort, there are very beautiful gardens and a magnificent Sheesh Mahal which people are very interested to see. And many tourists go to see this fort.

Shalimar garden:

It is believed that Mughal emperor Shah Jahan built the Shalimar Garden which is originally a Persian Garden. The garden contains a three terrace each have a different name. the upper terrace is Farah BAKSH was reserved for the emperor and his court. The middle terrace, is FAIZ BAKSH contains the main waterworks and channels. The lower terrace known as a Hayat BAKSH contains the orchards and flower beds.


Mughal Emperor Aurangzeb in the late nineteenth century constructed the Mighty BAADSHAHI MOSQUE. One of the most famous site for tourist attraction all across the globe. It was once the largest mosque in the world. Its red sandstone façade, white marble domes, and intricate calligraphy leave visitors in awe.

Wazir khan mosque:

The Wazir Khan Mosque is a hidden gem in the heart of the old city. Its vibrant blue and green tiles, intricate frescoes, and delicate minarets make it a visual delight. Step inside to witness the beauty of Mughal craftsmanship.


CHAUBURJI means MINAR, is a historic gateway that once adorned the entrance to a garden. Built during the Mughal period, it showcases a blend of Persian and Indian architectural styles

Tomb of Jahangir:

This tomb of Jahangir is located in a peaceful garden. Its marble latticework and garden setting create a beautiful setting. Many tourists also come here to relax. Because this place brings comfort to them.

HAVELIS of old Lahore:

To know about the old mansions, visit the narrow streets of Faisalabad. Because the mansions here are reminiscent of old times. Furniture made of wood is still present inside this mansion. Which led to entertainment for tourists. Also, the way these mansions are built the background is very beautiful.


HAZURI BAGH BARADARI offers a magnificent view of BADSHAH Mosque and SHAHI Fort Its 12-arched holes and marble terrace are very photogenic and attractive.


The SAMADHI OF MAHARAJA RANJIT SINGH is a unique blend of Sikh and Mughal architecture. The white marble DANCHA is reminiscent of the Sikh rulers. Apart from this, houses built by Sikhs still exist in inner Lahore. which were built very strongly inside the houses that used wood. They are still very beautiful and present a distinct look.

General post office:

The general post office structure on Mall Road is reminiscent of the British Government with its arched windows. The buildings inside Lahore aren’t just buildings. Rather, they are enough to bring back many memories of the past. These historical places remind all the stories of the past.


The MAZAR-E-AZAM is one of the most beautiful Mausoleas across the entire city of Karachi. It is the grave of the founder of the nation Muhammad Ali Jinnah and acts as the utmost remember in the hearts of the common people across the country.

Lahore Museum:

Going to back the British era, the Lahore Museum is famous because of the British novel authored by Rudyard Kipling. His father was one of the early-day curators of the Lahore Museum.


This court is located in Bahawalpur and presents a magnificent view. The red bricks used in the court give off a beautiful and special glow of opulence that gives a glimpse of the beauty of the fort. The interior of the court consists of beautiful furniture.


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