5 Marla House Construction Cost in Pakistan

In Pakistan, people generally prefer to build a 5-marla house. And they want the best construction work at a low cost. let’s Explore the Renovation cost for a 5 Marla house with the assistance of the SUTOON construction company. Renovating a house involves enhancing its structure, aesthetics, and functionality. In this blog, we’ll break down the expenses for constructing a 5-marls house, focusing on the best grey structure in lahore and finishing.

5 Marla covered area:

The covered area refers to any area that I built up. This area is enclosed by walls and covered by a roof. In other words, the 5 Marls built area means the total covered area would depend on the design of the building, the number of floors, and other factors.
Covered area for a double-storey 5 Marla house:
First floor: the covered area of the first floor is 910 square feet.
Second floor: the second floor has a covered area of 88 square feet.
Additional space: there’s an additional 165 square feet on the second floor.
This house design includes two kitchens, three bedrooms with attached bathrooms, and a Mumtee.

Plot demarcation:

Plot demarcation refers to the area covered by a total plot which refers to the four corners of the plot that are fixed by the engineer before building it. Before covering any area, its structure is identified. How to construct this plot after marking the point, work is started at Plot.


Kitchen and bathroom costs:

The kitchen and bathroom are essential parts of finishing in house. the kitchen hood and sink are required. PKR 48,000 I the cost of each of the two kitchen hoods. Approximately, 14,500 will be spent on each kitchen sink. When it comes to woodwork in the kitchen. So, it is very important to have in the kitchen 98,000 for almost only the woodwork in the kitchen. The total cost for the kitchen renovation is PKR 160,500 approximately.
In the bathroom there will be three hanging required Around PKR 18000 will be spent on each one, making up to PKR 36,000. The total cost of the commode is PKR 47,500 and the total cost of the vanity sets is 28,500. The total cost for bathroom renovation is PKR 83,500 approximately.

Plumbing and wiring work cost:

The plumbing is very important for the construction of the house. house needs plumbing and also includes electrical work. which involves gas water electricity and sewerage etc. You need to be careful in all types of house construction, about 143,000 are required in plumbing for the house, and 68,000 are necessary for wiring. The wiring cost is 36000. Another cost is 39,000. The total cost will be 143,000 approximately.

Casement window cost:

In 5-marla windows make the house so gorgeous and unique. In which you require 3 rooms and 2-bathroom window and 1 kitchen window. The window is available in two types aluminum and mirror. In this era, most people like aluminium windows. The price of the mirror window will be PKR 16,000 for the room and PKR 30,000 for the bathroom. And the price of the aluminium window will be PKR 18,000 for the bathroom and PKR 1350-1600 per square foot.

Tiles and marble:

People constructing a double-unit 5-marla house usually go for tile flooring. Owing to their good quality and reputation.
The rate of title is 2100-3000 per square meter. The price of marble is 45-50 RS/SQFT. The best marble type for flooring is:

  • Tavera marble (85-100)
  • Sunny white (105-120)
  • Badal marble (70-80)
  • Sunny grey (65-75)

paint and ceiling:

the finishing of the house also includes painting both the exterior walls as well as the interior of the house. the rate of painting and ceiling is very costly. The house’s paint and ceiling costs can vary depending on various factors, such as the colour’s quality and the design’s complexity.
The rate of ceiling and painting in the 5-marla house is 300k to 600k.

Best woodwork costs:

In 5-marla houses, house construction in Pakistan in 2024 may vary depending on several factors such as the quality of wood used, the complexity of the design and the location of the house. generally, woodwork such as doors, windows and cabinets may cost around PKR 300,000 to 500,000 for a 5-marls-house construction.

Grey structure cost:

The grey structure refers to the essential framework of the house, including the foundation, walls, roof and basic utilities.

  • Covered area (1,975 sq. ft. The first floor occupies 910 sq. ft. the second floor has 890 sq. ft. and there’s an additional 175 sq. ft. for the mumtee.)
  • Materials
  • Electrical and plumbing
  • Labour
  • Main gate

Finishing Renovation cost:


The finishing phase adds aesthetics and comfort to your home.

  • Flooring
  • Attached bathrooms
  • Painting
  • Lightening and fixture
  • Woodwork
  • landscaping

Cost estimates for grey structure and finishing renovation:

The renovation cost varies based on factors such as location, materials, and the extent of work.
Grey structure renovation: around PKR 4,239,000
Finishing renovation: approximately KR 5,652,000 with A+ quality PKR 6,906,000
It’s essential to collaborate with a reliable construction company in lahore like SUTOON to ensure quality work within your budget. Whether you are revamping your own home or planning to sell, a well-executed renovation can significantly enhance your property value. HAPPY RENOVATING!


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